Malia Kulp

Malia Swift Kulp - Vocal Alchemist

Malia has been in the musical scene for decades, and is known as the Vocal Alchemist, a singer, a performer, facilitator and a healer. She is a person who helps others transform through sound healing, sound frequencies and the power of the voice.

Born on Kauai, Hawaii on January 19th 1978. She moved to NYC in 1981 with her father. Malia’s mother passed away when she was 2 years old to skin cancer, melanoma. For the rest of her life she grew in Manhattan. At 16 she modeled for Calvin Klein in his runway show during NY Fashion Week with Kate Moss. Malia’s father died 5 days after she turned 18.  

Malia has been signing and performing since at age 7 at the Metropolitan Opera until she was 12 years old. It’s always been in her DNA as Malia's mother was singer and her father was a healer through personal trainer and teaching yoga. Both were dancers and met in a dance class. Music is a natural gift for Malia, her roommate in NYC asks her to sing around the apartment more because she loves how it changes the energy in the space and uplifts the energy of every around. "When Malia performs she shares. It’s not just about taking the stage, but allowing the Universe to flow through her with empowering and beautiful noises. She's a true vessel for healing sounds." Colleague.

To maintain her body and voice as a powerful instrument Malia takes care of it and lives a consistently healthy lifestyle by practicing regular mediation, yoga, and a healthy diet rich in nutrition.

Malia has performed all around the nation including Utah, California, New York, Florida, New Jersey, New Orleans, Costa Rica, Hawaii, Michigan (Holy Festival of Colors), Symbiosis, Lightening in a Bottle, Singing Alive, Mystic Garden, at Carnegie Hall, Envision Festival and more.

Malia still currently resides in NYC, while traveling the world to perform and coach.

How Malia helps you…

Years ago Malia participated in studying at the Open Center for their nine month SMI (Sound and Music Institution) Sound Healing Practitioner degree, then started doing sound healing and reikki. She first put it to work by joining a friends non-profit organization “You can Thrive” with women with breast cancer and people in hospitals, and offered them sonergy sessions; sound and energy. Malia is also a volunteer for Sing For Hope, where she sings for people who are sick. After this Malia decided to start up her own practise of vocal empowerment and one-on-one coaching plus small groups coaching. During these experiences she realized how much her singing was helping people, helping them to heal, to transform and empower.

Through vocal empowerment and sound healing, Malia facilitates activity that brings change. A unique approach that fuses voice and movement: she boosts confidence, energizes souls and raises consciousness. This happens when you work with her, you release energy blockages through sound in your body that may have been trapped for years; you get the confidence to use your voice as an instrument whether you want to use it for radio, television, public speaking or singing. You also become a better communicator. If you have dealt with any throat issues this work can help bring about healing in that area. Her voice work activates chakra points and cleanses any stuck or trapped dark energy. It’s similar to having a Spiritual Life Coach.

Malia says “It's about reclaiming power through voice. We are all on the search for an inner truth, and this work puts you back into yourself, to find a safe home inside of yourself. Whether working one-on-one for personal development or in a group setting, you will enhance interconnectedness. I do alchemy with you, and with the transmuting energy, I connect you to your voice, you end up falling in love with your voice.

"People say they experience a lightness and some get goosebumps all through their body when working with Malia."


“Tangible transformations are immediate, you feel it right away.” A client, Heather.

 “I wanted to do a session with Malia because I know I don’t have enough music in my life. I am constantly traveling and on my computer and cell phone. I am also open to healing through different mediums, and when I heard that Malia was healing through sound I was so excited. We did a one-hour session and I felt so much stress leave my body and especially felt energy unblocking from my third eye chakra. It was so relaxing and my body felt buzzed after. I definitely recommend everyone try this at least once in your life! It’s a special treatment that’s for sure. And science shows us how different sound frequencies helps elevate our vibration and helps us to get unstuck from the dense day-to-day life stresses we have to deal with. Very refreshing.” Liana Werner-Gray, Hay House Author of “The Earth Diet”

“Malia is ultimately a voice coach who empowers through vocal improvisation. Her adaptable skills have been developed through years of teaching experience at learning centers such as Carnegie Hall and performances under spotlights a bright as the Metropolitan Opera. Alone with you at home, amongst a team in a corporate setting or leading a group as the sun sets on a festival, Malia always makes a difference using voice as her instrument.” Anna, client.

“Malia is the key to opening up what’s inside. I felt rigid in my life and wanted to have more fun and feel more in the flow. Malia has helped me with this. Now I don’t let stress get stuck in my body for as long as I used to, I let it flow right out again. Thank you, Malia.” Benjamin, client.

“Malia is a sound channel.” Colleague

“I describe Malia’s work as Sonic Surgery. It is really remarkable.” Marc, client.

“Malia is a sound doctor. I have worked on many health issues with her, it’s amazing how much we need sound in our lives for health and healing.” Amanda, client.  

“I'm so grateful that the universe placed Malia in my path exactly when I needed her... a "God send" if you will. Malia's brand of empowerment through the voice (and all of the manifestations of that) has transformed my life in so many ways. Malia helped me to hone in on my desires on every level and created the means for which to achieve them. In fact, I have just finished a three month Vocal Empowerment package with Malia and every single goal I communicated in our initial Intake Call for the package was realized! Not only has my singing ability expanded to ranges I never thought possible, but my outlook on life and what's possible has expanded as well. I feel more comfortable in my singing abilities then when I was being professionally trained in college, and my voice is healthier now than ever. I feel capable to attack any vocal piece with comfort now, empowered in my abilities. I also feel empowered to use my voice as a human being to communicate my desires to others and to the universe. So many desires have come true in all areas of my life because I feel empowered now to let my voice be heard! All of this transformation would not have been possible without Malia's unwavering love and support, even when I was uncovering new ground and there were challenges that seemed insurmountable. I am so grateful that Malia was there with a helping hand and ready to show me what is possible and how empowered I can be. Thank you, Malia! I'm so grateful for our work together and excited to continue our journey!” Client