Malia Kulp

Malia Swift Kulp - Vocal Alchemist

Malia Kulp is a Transformational Coach who uses her mastery of Vocal Alchemy to globally be a vessel of transformation through mindset training, physical practices and spirituality. Often calling upon “Sonergy” (sound and energy healing) in her work, she assists her clients in breaking patterns and become the highest versions of themselves.

Malia was born on Kauai, Hawaii to two parents who found each other in dance class. In addition to being dancers, her mother who was also a singer and her father a healer through yoga and personal training. Growing up with her parents holding these passions cultivated her love for movement, singing and spirituality that have always been the center points to Malia’s life. Her unique vocal alchemy is the amalgamation of them.

Beginning her vocal journey singing with the Met Opera Children’s chorus from age 7 until she was 12, Malia’s love for the power of music flourished. She has been teaching Vocal Improvisation since 2014 and has been singing with the vocal improvisation group Morning Star since 2015.  Malia is still actively participating in Circlesongs with 10-time Grammy Award winner Bobby McFerrin and currently sings with the vocal improvisation ensemble Alkima that is centered around Climate Justice.

With her Sound Healing Practitioner training at New York City’s Open Center and level 1&2 Reiki training in both Usui and Holy Fire traditions complete, Malia began using her newly mastered strengths to further carry out her purpose of transformation. Since 2014 she has been volunteering with You Can Thrive! helping to ease the journey of breast cancer patients using Sonergy. Today, Malia’s work encompasses her mastery of Vocal Alchemy and all of the pieces in her life, which makes working with Malia a particularly unique and powerful experience.

Malia holds the container for transformation and coaches clients one-on-one, holds Sonergy sessions and facilitates group retreats, which included her 5-day Vocal Alchemy retreat held in April of 2017 at Kalani Retreat Center on her birth-island of Hawaii.

Being of service with the full capability to support others in following their inner guidance and forming in depth relationship with her clients around transformation electrifies her love for what she does and drives her to travel the world with a mission of being an agent of change.  

For Malia it's about reclaiming power through voice. We are all on the search for an inner truth, and this work puts you back into yourself in order to find a safe home inside of you. Whether working one-on-one for personal development or in a group setting, your interconnectedness will be enhanced. Through alchemy and the transmutation of energy Malia connects you to your voice and leaves you truly in love with the power of using it.

How Malia helps you…

Years ago Malia participated in studying at the Open Center for their nine month SMI (Sound and Music Institution) Sound Healing Practitioner degree, then started doing sound healing and reikki. She first put it to work by joining a friends non-profit organization “You can Thrive” with women with breast cancer and people in hospitals, and offered them sonergy sessions; sound and energy. Malia is also a volunteer for Sing For Hope, where she sings for people who are sick. After this Malia decided to start up her own practise of vocal empowerment and one-on-one coaching plus small groups coaching. During these experiences she realized how much her singing was helping people, helping them to heal, to transform and empower.

Through vocal empowerment and sound healing, Malia facilitates activity that brings change. A unique approach that fuses voice and movement: she boosts confidence, energizes souls and raises consciousness. This happens when you work with her, you release energy blockages through sound in your body that may have been trapped for years; you get the confidence to use your voice as an instrument whether you want to use it for radio, television, public speaking or singing. You also become a better communicator. If you have dealt with any throat issues this work can help bring about healing in that area. Her voice work activates chakra points and cleanses any stuck or trapped dark energy. It’s similar to having a Spiritual Life Coach.

Malia says “It's about reclaiming power through voice. We are all on the search for an inner truth, and this work puts you back into yourself, to find a safe home inside of yourself. Whether working one-on-one for personal development or in a group setting, you will enhance interconnectedness. I do alchemy with you, and with the transmuting energy, I connect you to your voice, you end up falling in love with your voice.

"People say they experience a lightness and some get goosebumps all through their body when working with Malia."